Family Owned And Operated

Forensics Investigation Consultants specialise in surveillance investigations ONLY. We do not carry out any other service listed by the other Investigation Firms. If you require Reputable Professional Investigators with extensive “35 years” of surveillance experience Forensics Investigation Consultants is the firm you should consider engaging for your requirements.

We attribute our success to us having never losing sight of our original investigation concept, that is providing clear, concise, accurate reports supported by legally obtained high quality evidence.

We are licensed and adhere to the surveillance laws and guidelines of the Licensing Services Division of the Victoria Police.

Please contact us at any time to discuss working together. We can provide a free quote based on your requirements. Before commencing any work, we will require a % deposit, so get in touch now to see what we can do for you.

Why Choose Us?

We are offering the latest surveillance technology and equipment which include extensive range of fully equipped special surveillance operation vehicles and motor bikes..

Forensics Investigation Consultants Investigators are experienced in gaining photographic evidence utilising a range of video and 35mm cameras. A variety of lenses and camera adaptations have been developed over the years to ensure that photographic and video evidence of a high quality is obtained, even under the most adverse conditions and circumstances.



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